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Clerk: Mrs Jenny Gellatly
11 Hayling Avenue, Little
Paxton, St. Neots
Cambridgeshire PE19 6HG

Autumn Flower & Vegetable Show

Saturday 12th September 2020
Little Paxton Village Hall/QEII Playing Field
2pm - 5pm

Free admission - Refreshments available


To ensure everyone can enjoy the Autumn Show safely, face coverings will be required to be worn inside the village hall.

The maximum number of people in the village hall at anyone time is 30. Refreshments will be outside. Many exhibits will be displayed outside on the QEII Playing Field.

Current social distancing guidance to be followed. The event is subject to change at short notice to comply with Government COVID 19 restrictions.


Best in Show Gold, Best in Show Silver & Best in Show Bronze for Fruit, Flower & Vegetables classes.

Best in Show- Home Produce and prizes for the Children's classes. The trophy winners will be announced at 4.30pm and awarded on the playing field.

Fruit & Vegetable Classes

All entry forms to be delivered to Little Paxton Parish Council ,11 Hayling Avenue, Little Paxton PE19 6HG by Wednesday 9th September 5pm.

Free registration. Email registration accepted.

One entry form per person. One entry per class per person.
Exhibits to be staged in the Village Hall between 10.30am – 12.30pm and removed between 5pm—5.30pm.

Show Secretary : Mrs J Gellatly

On the day entries will be accepted subject to space available. All entries will be judged by 2pm.
1st, 2nd & 3rd placing for each class.

The show will be open to the public 2pm—5pm.

1.Six blueberries- with stalks
2. Six raspberries- with stalks
3. Six blackberries- new class 2020
4. Mixed currants with stalks – new class 2020
5. Six plums
6. Six apples
7. Six pears – new class 2020
8. Six potatoes – new class 2020
9. Three carrots – long
10. Three carrots – stump
11. Three coloured carrots (not orange)
12. Ten shallots
13. Ten spring onions
14. Six radishes
15. Two lettuces
16. Two cauliflowers
17. Ten pods of peas
18. Four onions
19. Two cabbages
20. Six beetroot
21. Four courgettes
22. Two cucumbers
23. Four tomatoes
24. One marrow
25. One Butternut squash
26. One weird pumpkin – new class 2020
27. Two gourds -new class 2020
28. Six runner beans
29. A selection of three peppers
30. A selection of three chillies
31. The heaviest vegetable
32. The longest runner bean
33. A vegetable selection, a display of any of five from classes 1-23
34. A selection of 5 fresh herbs in a jam jar
35. Best wonky vegetable

Flower Classes

36. One pot plant flowering
37. One patio planter
38. One hanging basket
39. Five dahlias in a vase
40. A vase of cut garden flowers – mixed
41. A vase of cut garden flowers- one variety
42. One scented bloom
43. One rose
44. Floral arrangement 'Something Different' – maximum width 24'' (60cm) width
45. One miniature arrangement- maximum size 6'' (15cm) height, width & depth

Children's Classes

46. An animal made from vegetables and/or fruit
47. Best drawing/painting of a sunflower- new class 2020
48. A picture made using fruit/vegetable printing – new class 2020
49. Miniature fairy garden- new class 2020
50. Home grown cress- new class 2020
51. Four brownies
52. Four cookies
53. Four decorated cupcakes- new class 2020
54. Four decorated gingerbread people – new class 2020

Home Produce Class

55.Four small decorated cakes
56. Four muffins
57. Four Scones
58. Six biscuits
59. Four shortbread- new class 2020
60. One gingerbread creation – new class 2020
61. One Victoria Sandwich – new class 2020
62. One chocolate cake- new class 2020
63. A Showstopper cake – new class 2020
64. One fruit tart
65. One quiche – new class 2020
66. Home-made sweets
67. A jar of home made chutney
68. A jar of home-made jam
69. A jar of home-made marmalade
70. A jar of honey
71. Homemade flavoured gin – new class 2020
72. One bottle of beer- lager
73. One bottle of beer- non lager
74. One bottle of wine or cordial- alcoholic
75. One bottle of wine or cordial – non alcoholic