Cllr Jean Matheson

Cllr Jean Matheson

Councillor (Chairman)

Little Paxton Parish Council

I have served as a Parish Councillor for about 12 years and been a member of the Paxfest Committee for 9 years.

I used to run the Gardening Club at Little Paxton Primary School along with a teacher. I ran the Little Paxton Youth Club for about 6 years with village residents whose help was invaluable.

I used to work at Little Paxton Surgery for 7 years before retiring. I helped raise my grandsons who along with my sons are the most important people in my life. I enjoy living in this lovely village and have done so for 17 years.

Gardening is one of my greatest pleasures. I try to join in with things that keep mind and body active.

21 Jubilee Close
Little Paxton
PE19 6QG
01480 476298