Little Paxton Parish Council

Serving the people of Little Paxton

Village Sign

Clerk: Mrs Jenny Gellatly
11 Hayling Avenue, Little
Paxton, St. Neots
Cambridgeshire PE19 6HG


Councillors holding Green Flag 2022

On 26th July 2022, the QEII Playing Field & Children's Play Park were awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award.

This is the third year the Green Flag has been awarded to the QEII Playing Field.

The Green Flag Award is an Award Scheme managed by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy and recognises & rewards well-managed parks & green spaces

Little Paxton Community Garden

Flowering tulips & daffodils

The Little Paxton Community Garden is located at the end of Gordon Road near the High Street.

The land was a grass verge. The ownership of the land has recently been transferred from Huntingdonshire District Council to the Parish Council.

A group of residents approached the Parish Council in 2020 to ask if the land can be used to create a community garden.

The idea created the Community Garden project.


The Community Garden is a garden created by the Community for the Community. The aim is grow incredible edibles, work with nature, care for the earth, care for people and share fairly.

What next?

The volunteers are keen to create a circular tree seat, a bug hotel, seed swap area and perhaps place for book swaps.

If you would like to be a volunteer to help with any part of the community garden, please contact the Clerk.

Bug hotel

Bug Hotel

A bug hotel made from natural recycled wood, moss and other materials has been added to the garden. The bug hotel will create perfect home for insects.

Summer planting 2021

The garden design will include many edible plants and additional small fruit trees. Raspberry bushes and wild strawberries will be planted in the woodland hedging.

Planter A will be tolerant medicinal plants & herbs - strawberries, lavender, sage, thyme & borage.

Planter B will have chives, basil, tomatoes along with companion planting of marigolds & nasturtiums.

Autumn 2020

In Autumn 2020, two raised planters were created from railway sleepers. Spring bulbs and winter bedding plants were planted by a team of village residents. Four fruits were planted including two vintage apple trees, a pear tree and a Victoria plum tree.