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Clerk: Mrs Jenny Gellatly
11 Hayling Avenue, Little
Paxton, St. Neots
Cambridgeshire PE19 6HG

Calling all business in Little Paxton

Calling all business in Little Paxton

Do you have your own business in Little Paxton? Do you run a sports/fitness club that meets in the village on a regular basis?

As part of the Community Led Plan, the Council is enhancing its website and will create a page which lists businesses in the village. If you wish your business mentioned on the the website, please email the Clerk with the business name, contact details and a link to the business website if there is one.

A short description about the nature of the business would also be helpful. #whatsoninLittlePaxton#LocalbusinessesLittlePaxton#

Posted: Fri, 26 Apr 2019 09:31 by Jenny Gellatly

Tags: Community Led PLan