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New Zebra Crossing for Little Paxton

New Zebra Crossing for Little Paxton

A petition from residents from Marbled White Court for an improved crossing on Mill Lane, Little Paxton has come to fruition.

The Parish Council carried out traffic survey in 2017 and then successfully bid for funding from the Cambridgeshire County Council High Improvement Scheme in 2018. The County Council pledged £10,000 with the Parish Council contributing £9604.

The project incurred delays to due accessing power for the belisha beacons which resulted the cost of the project escalating.

Huntingdonshire District Council provided additional funding of £26,000 from Community Infrastructure Levy pot.

Parish Council Chairman Cllr Jean Matheson said' The crossing now enables students from Longsands Academy to cross Mill Lane safely. Residents from Marbled White Court and Samuel Jones Crescent can walk more safely to the village and nearby St.Neots. Over 800 vehicles travel on Mill Lane per hour at peak times.'

Ward Councillor Keith Prentice said' The is a great example of Parish, County & District Councils working together to provide a much needed zebra crossing for Little Paxton.

Posted: Mon, 16 Dec 2019 13:32 by Jenny Gellatly

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