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Progress on blocked drains & gullies

Progress on blocked drains & gullies

A site meeting was held on Wednesday afternoon with an Officer from CCC Highways & Parish Cllr Bob Webster to look at flooding in the village. The meeting had a positive outcome and the following works will be taken forward:

The gullies around the location of the flash flooding at the junction of St James Road Gordon road and Lakefield Avenue will be cleaned.

Investigate the system between this area and the outfall to make sure that is working effectively. Will check the ditch to identify any issues between the outfall and the river

Park Drive

Best solution would be to try and get the gullies connected to a positive drainage system . This may not be possible due to existing levels which is why they installed them to soakaways when the estate was developed. Alternative option to enlarge existing soakaways.

Posted: Fri, 09 Oct 2020 15:53 by Jenny Gellatly

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