Little Paxton Parish Council

Serving the people of Little Paxton

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Clerk: Mrs Jenny Gellatly
11 Hayling Avenue, Little
Paxton, St. Neots
Cambridgeshire PE19 6HG

Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) is the Planning Authority and will determine planning applications.

The Parish Council has the Right to be notified of planning applications by the Planning Authority ( Town & Country Planning Act 1990 Schedule 1 para 8) and can only make recommendations to Huntingdonshire District Council. It is HDC's responsibility to inform neighbours of planning applications, but the Parish Council normally sends councillors to look at the property concerned and call on neighbours to ensure they are aware.

Parish Councillors will always carry identification when carrying out planning visits.

The documents and plans are available to view from the Huntingdonshire District Council website at Comments can be made online or by writing to:

Huntingdonshire District Council
Head of Planning Services
Mr A. Moffat
Pathfinder House
St.Mary's Street
PE29 3TN